How to Manage Home Renovations From Afar

So you want to move into your dream home…

If you’re moving and can’t find your dream home on the market, it’s probably because it doesn’t exist. The house probably exists, but it’s not your dream home…yet.

The key to being able to move into your dream home is to buy a house that you can renovate and transform. You can even manage the renovation process while you are still living far away so you don’t have to live in a construction zone.

Managing Home Renovations from Afar

Managing your renovation project from afar can be stressful. You understandably want to be involved in the process of building your dream home, but you are unable to oversee your renovation crew in person. You also have to meet a deadline before your official move-in date.

The secret to long-distance renovations is hiring the right renovation team you can trust to work on your home, even when you’re far away.

We know that entrusting your dream home to a renovation team is far easier said than done, but we put together some factors to look for in a contracting company that will help reduce your anxiety while transforming your wish list into your dream home.

Seven Important Factors to Consider When Trying to Renovate from a Distance

1.) Find a home remodeling contractor you can trusttrusted home contractor

To put your mind at ease, the most important factor is a renovation team you can trust. Do your research and hire an established professional who will be a good fit for you.

Research reviews, recommendations, and portfolios. Look for a robust portfolio with quality photos of renovation materials and finishes that impress you.

Remember, your dream home doesn’t exist quite yet, so you probably won’t find the exact design you want. Instead, make sure the team’s portfolio is diverse in styles but consistent in quality.

2.) Hire a design-build team, not just a contractor

design build team staircase
When you are trying to manage your renovation from a distance in which you can’t respond to unforeseeable issues immediately, you want your project to run as smoothly as possible. It takes a whole team of professionals to make this happen.

You’ll need an architect to develop a plan, create drawings, and obtain permits so you don’t overlook any major structural or legal elements. You’ll need a contractor to create non-structural designs, source materials and products, and supply a qualified building crew.

It’s much easier to hire a design-build team that includes an architect, designer, builder, and project manager who will take care of all planning, designing, and building while overseeing the project so you don’t have to.

3.) Ask for a detailed renovation production plan before the remodel starts

bathroom sink design

Anyone who has watched HGTV knows home design is all about the small elements that make a big impact to the homeowners and bring the whole project together. With some HGTV training, you also know that small and unexpected issues can go awry in any home improvement project. How off-plan the project goes is determined by how much planning and preparation the contractor has done in the beginning phases.
If you are given a detailed production schedule at the beginning of the project, that’s a positive sign that your renovation team will stay on track without missing the details that mean so much to you. When you are out of town during construction, it is good to have that peace of mind.

4.) Ask for the production schedule

If you are trying to move into your dream home and you have a deadline, be sure you get a production schedule from your renovation team. This schedule will hold them accountable for their work and allow you to follow along in their process so you won’t have any surprises on who will be in your home each day and which tasks they will be completing.

5.) Agree on the cost before the remodel

fireplace remodelOnce you sign a contract, you want to be reassured that what you agreed to pay is what you will actually pay. A design-build team can provide a fixed price range for the project before it begins, a factor that not all private contractors can supply.



6.) Have open communication with the contractor

Make sure you understand the process of turning your new house into your dream home before the project starts and work with a renovation team that consistently keeps you in the loop. Consistent communication allows you to know exactly what is happening in your new home, giving you confidence that your project is being completed the way you want.

7.) Make sure your final renovation inspection sets you up to move in

kitchen remodel

Once your dream home is finished, you want to be able to move in without being worried about walking into a dirty construction site. Many renovation teams offer site clean up as a part of their final decommissioning process, so verify if this service is available to you, as well.

Hire A Design-Build Team Like Norbut Renovations

design build kitchen

When it’s all said and done, you want to be confident that your renovation team will deliver your dream home on schedule and on budget, even if you might not be physically present to direct them.

If you’re moving to the Rochester, New York area, our team will make sure you are as involved as you want to be in every step of the renovation process.

At Norbut Renovations, we make sure our clients know every detail of their project before we even lift a hammer. We understand that entrusting us with your home is a great responsibility and we don’t want you to be surprised by unforeseen costs. Plus, as a design-build team under one roof, you will know who to contact during all steps of the renovation process.

What’s more, we guarantee that once we start your project, we will work incredibly hard every day until it is completed and ensure your home is professionally-cleaned and move-in ready.

Moving is stressful; hire a design-build team that will work with you, even when you’re far away, to turn your new home’s wish list into a reality.

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