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The Design + Build Process

In Design-Build construction, the Architectural Team, Design Team, Engineers, and Contractors all work together to create your dream home.

DAVID NORBUT, President, Norbut Renovations

Single Source of Accountability

Our process is what turns prospects into returning customers. It’s so fine-tuned, in fact, that you will know every detail of your renovation project before we ever swing a hammer.

From the initial design plans to final clean up (and yes, we do send in a cleanup crew once the remodel is complete), you’ll have one point of responsibility for the renovation: us. You won’t have any questions about who to contact if there is a design change, if you need to know when workers will be present, or when you can expect the total project to be complete. As a design-build firm, every hand working on your home operates under one roof, which means a single point of responsibility for you and much better communication within our team.

And because of the streamlined process, our projects always end within budget and on time. Read below for more details on how our process works.

What to Expect

Budgeting & Plans

Before the first hammer is swung, we assemble a construction budget for you to review and approve.

Simplified Process

We follow a step-by-step process from start to finish. You will receive this process in documented form so you will always know what comes next.

Better Communication & Solutions

There is one sole point of contact in Design-Build construction so it is easier for you to ask questions and receive feedback quickly.

Streamlined Construction

Because the design, product selections, and budget are all pre-planned, the quickest and most efficient work at your home can be performed.

Cost Savings

With Norbut Renovations, the entire process from start to finish is integrated, avoiding issues, and ultimately saving you time and money.

The Design Process


A Wish List will be sent to you to return along with your Houzz and Pinterest boards to help us gain a better understanding of your style.


The Project Developer will then visit your home to understand your space, needs, and wishes in order to give you an estimated budget range.


A design contract will be provided which includes a complete scope of work created with the information we collect from your wishlist, boards, and the home visit.


The Drafter will visit your home to acquire measurements and view all of the existing mechanical and structural components. This allows our team to create architectural drawings of your home as it is currently built.


The design team will implement your ideas into drawings and plans. Architectural drawings will include schematics, elevations, perspectives, structural, electrical, and furniture drawings.

Plan Finalization

We will present 2-3 design plans for you to choose from, as well as a preliminary budget which includes the labor and materials needed for your project. We finalize the details with you and then it’s on to the next step!


You will then collaborate with your designer to assist with cabinetry, hardware, appliances, countertops, backsplashes, flooring, lighting, and all other necessary product selections and finishing touches.


A final meeting will take place to review and verify all of the steps line-by-line. A build contract will be presented to you at this time if you wish to move forward with construction to make your plans become a reality

Wishes do come true. We'll make it feel like a dream.

The Build Process

Only after the design process is approved do we begin building.


The Project Developer will visit your home to review your design plans, architectural drawings, blueprints, and product specifications to understand your scope of work and give you a budget range.


The build contract will be created for your approval with the information we collect from the above documents and appointments.


The Project Developer and Design Team will meet to discuss your project and carefully review all of your plans to ensure everything flows seamlessly both functionally and aesthetically throughout the process.

Plan Finalization

If any changes in design plans or product selections need to take place at this time, we will work with you to ensure all of your needs are met.


A production schedule will be created detailing dates for each portion of your project, and which contractors will be at the home on those days. This is to ensure you have full knowledge of the project logistics that we adhere to in order to achieve the agreed-upon completion timeline.

Walk Through

A pre-construction meeting will be scheduled with the Project Developer to walk you through exactly what to expect during construction so you can prepare accordingly.

Our Guarantee

Once underway, our remodeling contractors will be at your home every day to complete your project on time. The Project Developer will come to your home to oversee demolition work and installations, as well as give you progress updates.


Once the project is complete, our professional cleaning crew ensures every impacted aspect of your home is in move-in ready condition. Following the final cleaning, we perform a multi-point inspection with you to ensure the end results meet or exceed your expectations.

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