How To Prepare for a Kitchen Remodel

And Mistakes To Avoid

How exciting – you’ve decided to remodel your kitchen! It’s a great investment in your home, but also in your family. Once the remodel is complete, you’re going to have a kitchen you are thrilled with, but until then, here are some tips on how to prepare for a kitchen remodel.

Designate A Kitchen Stand In

Eating out is great every now and then, but can get tiresome after a while. Designate a spot in your home for a stand-in kitchen that includes the essentials. Somewhere to put together a sandwich, brew a cup of coffee, or microwave leftovers. Outfit a space in your home with a few portable tables, shelves, and chairs to have a central food-prep station while your kitchen is undergoing its makeover.

Plan Meals Around Small Appliances

Plan meals around portable workhorses such as microwaves, toaster ovens, camp stoves, crockpots, and hotplates. If you can, move your fridge to your temporary kitchen or invest in a small mini-fridge. Those who have an outdoor space and a barbeque have even more options for easy meals.

Stock Up On Disposable Flatware And Plates

Without a place to really do dishes, disposable flatware, napkins, cups, and plates will become your best friend. You’ll streamline cleanup and save yourself a little stress from the temporary displacement.

Keep A Stash Of Filling Snacks On Hand

For those times when you don’t want to cook or eat out, keep a stock of filling non-perishables on hand. Nuts, dried fruit, canned goods, or crackers can be put to good use for a great makeshift meal.

Get Organized

Pare down your kitchen tools to only the essentials and pack everything else away. Use clear, plastic storage containers and label them accordingly, which makes anything you forget easy to find and even easier to unpack once the renovation is complete.

Protect Your Floors

Map out the route your renovation team will take from the door to the kitchen and lay down some old carpets, rugs, or drop cloth to protect your floors and make cleanup a breeze.

Common Mistakes During a Kitchen Remodel

We’ve outlined a few mistakes to avoid in order to have the smoothest kitchen remodel possible.

Trying To Be Your Own General Contractor

A kitchen remodel is complicated and time-consuming. The input of qualified professionals during a renovation is not only valuable, it’s absolutely necessary if you want to finish with a quality project.

Hiring The Wrong General Contractor

All we can say on this one is the wrong contractor can lead to a disastrous outcome. Do your research. Look for reviews on Google, Facebook, and Houzz before making any decisions. Meet with the contractor before you pay for anything and find someone you feel you can trust. And if you don’t feel you can trust them after an in-person meeting – no matter how beautiful their work looks or how good their reviews are – move on.

Getting Distracted From Your Ultimate Goal

It’s easy to get distracted during a renovation – there are so many fun gadgets and toys available. But stay focused and keep your eye on the brand new kitchen, not all the shiny distractions.

Being Seduced By Surfaces

Above all else, start with a good foundation. Your hand-poured concrete counters may look amazing but will crack if they aren’t built atop a strong and level base. During a kitchen remodel, what you can’t see is just as important as what you can.

Changing Your Mind – Again

Time is money, and it would do all homeowners well to heed this warning. Every new decision, especially in the middle of a renovation process, means more time (and more money) added to the project. This is why it’s critical that either you or your contractor create a detailed plan right from the beginning.

Start a Stress-Free Renovation

We’ve done enough kitchen remodels to know they don’t have to be nearly as stressful as many believe. That’s because our process is a unique one – we are the single source of responsibility for your renovation and manage the entire project from start to finish. Get in touch with us for a free consultation.

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