Should I Remodel My House Or Move?

Are you debating between remodeling your home or moving to a new house that is closer to your idea of a “dream home”?

We compiled some helpful considerations below, but also invite you to contact us to walk you through the steps of making such an important decision.

1. Does Your Heart Belong To Your Home?

Homes are very sentimental assets. They’re where we watch our children grow up, where we experience highs and lows, and where we can safely rest our heads at night.

The longer you have been in your home, the more memories it will hold. Walls are more than that – they form a vault of memories that may be hard to leave behind.

Sometimes, all it takes to make a house feel fresh is a simple coat of paint. Other times, it is a full remodel to help you better utilize the space or age-in-place.

2. Can You And Your Contractor Create A Realistic Budget?

Renovations are a substantial investment, so it is important to know exactly what you are spending your hard earned money on long before construction actually begins.

Many homeowners do not know exactly what they want when they sign up for this complex journey. Unfortunately, if their wishes change after a contractor begins work, the renovation will not come out as they imagined and the budget could be blown by unexpected change orders and material-sourcing delays.

Should you choose to remodel, choose a firm that can plan the process from start to finish before the first hammers are ever swung, saving you from surprises and alleviating any budget-tension you may have.

3. Do You Need More Room?

Your building lot is set to accommodate a certain size home, but sometimes your needs outgrow the space. If your family is growing but your space can’t, moving is the best option.

However, if your lot is large enough to build an addition upon, up- or out-, it is worth looking into the option of a multi-room renovation instead.

4. Do You Like Your Neighborhood And School System?

Location, location, location.

People spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to be in nice neighborhoods with good school systems. You may get lucky and find the home of the dreams in a neighborhood you love at a price you can afford.

However, homes in the most desirable neighborhoods often sell quickly and for over asking price, further limiting your options to relocate.

If you want to stay in your current location within close proximity to work, friends, school and nearby amenities, it may be best to remain in place and renovate.

5. Do You Have Something Specific In Mind?

The housing market is tough – many homebuyers find themselves whittling down their dream wishlist due to budget, location, or the availability of options. If you have a vision of exactly what you want, let a design/build firm walk you through the possibilities to enhance your home.

6. Can You Afford To Move?

In the whirlwind of house-hunting, it is too easy to forget all of the emotions, time, and financial expenditures involved with a move. Moving is a much bigger task than many people anticipate.

Moving day costs alone can easily surge upwards of $2,000. Significant amounts of time are also invested on the complex hunting, viewing, purchasing and packing tasks before the movers even show up. U-Pack estimates that it takes anywhere between 3 and 7 full days of working to fully pack a house.

Other costs associated with a move include closing costs, insurance, property taxes, utilities, new furniture and décor – and lots of takeout! Besides that, there are sale costs for your existing home for realtors, stagers, and remodeling costs to freshen the space up for potential buyers.

To be fair, remodeling can cause some significant cost and hassle but the end result will be worth it because the space will be customized for your needs. Reputable design/build firms make homeowners’ comfort a priority and do everything within reason to limit dust, debris and disruption in your home.

7. Do You Like The Majority Of Your Home?

Some homeowners are generally happy with their current home, but they have a few modifications in mind to “spruce up” the place to make it more suitable to their dream home. Some cosmetic updates or the addition of amenities like whole-house water-filtration, air purification, and HVAC systems can transform the ambiance and enjoyment of a home.

If you’re happy with the majority of your current home, remodeling is a much more affordable option than moving. If you cannot find exactly what you are looking for on the market, you may have to create your own dream home!

Curious To See How A Renovation Could Transform Your Home?

Norbut Renovations is a design/build firm specializing in multi-room renovations in the greater Rochester area. Contact us today for let’s talk about your upcoming project.

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